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PB Consultants products support and encourage parental involvement. Our products offer a comprehensive range of research-based topics that are relevant, interesting and informative.

Our PB BUZZ PARENTAL CARDS are simple, to the point and right on target!!  Our cards offer “parent tips” and “how to” work with your child at home. These cards are an educational resource that provides families with effective tools and techniques to support their child’s growth in school and life. provide information to help parents help their children grow to become successful adults. They are available in English and Spanish (ask about additional languages) on sturdy 110 weight paper with vibrant colors.  Our cards provide pertinent information to busy parents about important issues in an easy to read format. 

Alcohol Use in Children                                                                Making the Transition from Middle School to High School
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder                                       Managing Homework Battles
Back To School                                                                              Manners in Children
Children and Tobacco                                                                    Marijuana Use in Children
Children with Character                                                                Motivating Your Child to Learn
Coping with Divorce                                                                       Nobody Likes Me
Creating a Reader Friendly Home                                                Overcoming Sudden Adversity
Dangers of Substance Abuse                                                         Peer Pressure
De-Stress Your Family                                                                    Preparing Your Child to Enter Kindergarten
Depression in Children                                                                   Quality Time With Your Kids
Discipline vs. Punishment                                                              Reading With Your Child
Dyslexia                                                                                           School Day Morning Stress
Encourage Summer Reading                                                          Staying Home Alone
Facts About Learning Disabilities                                                   Stress Free Children
Forming Good Friendships/Resisting Peer Pressure                      Study Skills
Gangs and Your Child                                                                      Teaching My Child Right From Wrong
Gifted and Talented                                                                          Temper Taming
Handling Bullies                                                                                The Angry Child
How to Stop the Arguing and Back Talking                                     The Grieving Child
Huffing-Inhalant Drugs                                                                     The Violent Child
Internet Safety                                                                                   Tips for Taking Tests
Learning About Autism                                                                      Watching What They Watch on TV
Maintaining Optimism in the Family                                              Ways Parents Support Their Children

All of our products are available in Elementary and Secondary levels. 

PB Parenting Tip Cards offer EARLY CHILDHOOD/HEADSTART topics that guide parents through the early years!

Reading with Your Child                                                                        Picky Eaters
Potty Training                                                                                          Coping with Disasters and Tragedies
Power of Playing and Learning                                                             Temper Tantrums
Technology and Your Young Child                                                       Routine, Routine, Routine
Separation Anxiety                                                                                   Be Consistent
Music and Dance                                                                                      Sibling Rivalry
Talking and Listening (Between Parent and Child)                          Developmentally Appropriate Practices/Behaviors
Divorced Parenting                                                                                  Time Out and Consequences
Developing Self-Esteem                                                                          Positive Parenting
Discipline/Intervention Strategies                                                        Time for Bed – Sleep Issues

EVERY CHILD BELONGS! Special Needs Cards offer tips to parents with special needs.  

Milestones for 2 months-5 years                                                              Learning About Autism
Power of Play                                                                                                Depression in Children
How Will I Know If My Child Is Making Progress?                              Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Communicating Effectively with Ed. Professionals                               Learning Styles
Helping Your Child Grow, Develop and Learn                                       Social Development

PARENT ACTIVITIES FOR  LEARNING (P.A.L.) FOLIOS, in ELA and Math, are lessons supporting classroom curriculum that parents can complete with their child at home.  Grades K – 8.  Available in English and Spanish.


“GROWING AND LEARNING” IS OUR PARENT NEWSLETTER/FAMILY COMMUNICATION.  “GROWING AND LEARNING” is a monthly resource providing families with practical and effective tools, activities and techniques to support their child’s growth.  We make it easy to send relevant information home to your families. You will receive high quality newsletters every month ready for distribution and personalized for your school.



 Back to School              Keeping Your Child Safe                Internet Safety                Positive Parenting

    Study Skills                Testing  Testing  Testing              Math and Science            Summer Survival

     Family Fun!               High School Survival                        Reading Is Fun!               Learning Styles

              Keeping Your Child Safe           Computers and Computer Speak – What does it mean?

      How to Connect with Your Child           Dangers of Substance Abuse – What Can a Parent Do?

     Stress and Balance          Tough Issues – Bullying and Gangs          Ways to Help a Busy Parent 

       Creating a Home Learning Environment                    HELP!  I AM RAISING A TEENAGER!!

Getting Ready for College – When Do I Start Preparing?  


Our unbiased and independent products ARE based on the most current scientific research available. PB Consultants do not attempt to represent any political or religious groups, instructional strategies, government or private companies or commercial vendors.

Our products are cost effective and can be purchased with Title I funds.

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