PB Parental Involvement Subscription Service


PB Parental Involvement Online Subscription supplies the piece of the puzzle,

giving parents/families quality educational development and support.

PB Parental Involvement Online Subscription Program designs and customizes parental involvement services to help parents enhance their children’s education. A consultant will meet with the school administrator to develop a yearlong parental involvement mission using the school improvement plan and school goals. The best school’s are proactive in communicating with parents and encouraging them to participate in their child’s educational journey. Our parental involvement services are designed to provide families with practical and effective strategies to support their child’s learning. The objective of the PB Parental Involvement Online Program is to foster positive family dynamic for the purpose of increasing student success in school.  We believe in the power of knowledge and partnership between parents and the school.    PB’s Parental Involvement Subscription  helps parents with the challenges their children face. Use of PB Parental Involvement Subscription is accessible 24/7 at: www.pb247online.com where valuable family information is provided. PB Parental Invovlement Online Subscription Program offers families a place to access information and resources as well as personal attention and individual consultation with a trained PB Consultant through the use of email. It  is important to help parents become a powerful voice for their children.  This website is a resource for families and communities helping all to be a strong advocate for the education and well being of every child. This website provides all participants with immediate access to researched based tools and techniques at their convenience.

PB staff has accumulated years of experience in working with students, teachers, schools and parents.  We understand the importance of open and effective communication with schools. 

PB Parental Involvement Subscription supports the philosophies and strategies of your school.  

Title I funding can be used for PB Parental Involvement On Line Subscriptions for your school population.  Please call for pricing and detailed information.

We look forward to working with you and your district/school in this on-line Parental Involvement Subscription.  PB staff is committed to providing an alternative to parental involvement, while providing highly professional services.

PB Consultants