Parental Involvement Online Subscription

PB PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION designs and customizes parental involvement services to help parents build their parenting skills as well as enhance their child’s education. This website provides all participants with immediate access to researched based tools and techniques at their convenience.

Differentiated Parental Involvement – PB Consultants will establish a yearlong Parental Involvement Plan by using the School Improvement Plan and school goals. The school helps PB Consultants create a program that supports families and focuses on their school’s needs.

Connect and Collaborate – PB Consultants Parental Involvement Consultants offer personal attention and individual consultation through use of e-mail. A trained PB Consultant is available for parents to contact to hear a bit of encouragement or to ask for help planning the next step in their child’s educational journey.

No Child Left Behind – NCLB requires Title I schools to connect and communicate with parents. PB Parental Involvement Online Subscription builds parenting skills and encourages parent/child communications. Research shows that student achievement increases with parental support and home/school communication. Many parents do not have the ability to attend school workshops or functions; PB Parental Involvement Online Subscription enables 100% of your parents to learn at home on a continuous basis.

Money-Saving Parental Involvement – PB Parental Involvement Subscription is a cost effective program that allows schools to provide this service to their parents and families. Parents are provided with a password that enables access to the site anytime, anyplace with an internet connection.

Parental Involvement Online Consultants offer families a place to access information and resources. Our topics help to improve communication with schools, suggesting homework tips, give Parent Resources and links, promote reading at home and help to support your school’s Parent Involvement mission.

We are here to support your school, your students, and their families. Our consultants have accumulated years of experience in working with struggling students and their parents. PB Consultants suggest Best Practice Strategies that will increase test scores and compliment philosophies and strategies of your school district.