Online Job Embedded Professional Development for the Educator


PB Consultants provide teachers and administrators with dynamic, customized researched based professional development online.

Differentiated Professional Development – PB Consultants will establish a yearlong Professional Development Plan by using the School Improvement Plan and school goals. This plan will include customized topics, on-line resources, discussion boards, a book study group and immediate access to researched based teaching tools that benefit teachers from every discipline.

Connect and Collaborate – Educators are offered the opportunity to pose questions to PB Consultants, through email, when you need encouragement, or help to figure out your next step in your teaching journey.

Weekly professional development article emails are sent directly to each teacher, based on your school ís customized professional development plan.

School’s discussion boards are available to learn, share ideas and collaborate with other educators and consultants.

A Weekly Book Study discussion link provides interactive dialogue with co-workers and consultants.

Feedback and Statistical Data – Administrators are provided with statistical data on teacher participation. provides an alternative to traditional professional development giving a library of resources and real examples of differentiated instruction. Don’t just hear about best practices at a one-time conference; provide each educator research based professional development at their convenience.

Our consultants have accumulated years of experience in working with struggling students and their teachers. PB Consultants suggest Best Practice Strategies that will increase test scores and compliment philosophies and strategies of your school district.